Final Radio Campaign – There’s a battle in Washington for the soul of our nation!



Common Sense Minute #15 – Pare Back Federal Over-Regulation


Common Sense Minute #14 – Religious Freedom


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Fairhope Fundraiser Invite

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Common Sense Minute #13 – Term Limits


Here is a Video of Pete at Wilson’s


Common Sense Minute #12 – The Truth About Unemployment Numbers


Common Sense Minute #11 – No More Blank Checks!


Common Sense Minute #10 – Congressmen Should Interview with the People


Riehm calls on Bonner to Co-sponsor STOCK Act

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Common Sense Minute #9 – Education is a Local Issue


Common Sense Minute #8 – Power Must be Checked!

Common Sense Minute #7 – All Americans should participate in our economy- Overhaul our Tax System!


Common Sense Minute #6 – One Nation Under God


Common Sense Minute #5 – Debt


U.S. Term Limits Praises AL-CD1 candidate Pete Riehm for pledge!

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Common Sense Minute #4 – Energy


Pete Riehm Signs Contract From America

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The Third Radio Ad.


Here is our second radio ad.


Listen to our new radio ad!

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Candidate to Refuse Congressional Retirement and Excess Benefits

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Riehm Supports MS Personhood Act and End to Federal Funding of Abortion

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Alabama Tea Party Leaders Endorse Pete Riehm

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J. Frank Pierce, Chairman of the Board, Common Sense Campaign, Mobile, AL


Where is Leadership for Sen. Sessions’ SB165 in the House?

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Jo Bonner and the RSC: “In Fighting” or Accountability Issue?

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On the Campaign Trail!

Pete Riehm- featured speaker at Daughters of American Revolution meeting


Tea Party congressional candidate campaigns in Clarke County


Pete Riehm Visits Atmore!  Story in the Atmore Advance.


Campaign Kick-off at Wintzell’s Restaurant